September 2012

Children’s game: Starfall

This complete preschool reading curriculum is also completely free.

For about a year now, I’ve been hearing everyone in our homeschool community talk about how wonderful Starfall is. “You have to try it!” they’ll say, extolling this learn-to-read program. My daughter is nearly seven so I had been a bit wary to try the program, believing it to be too targeted at a younger audience to interest my child.

That said, we have been playing around on the Starfall website, and I have to admit that it’s not a bad game site. Some of the parts of the site, such as learning the alphabet, are obviously too young and boring for my child, but there are other sections that she finds fun.

This section on books is her favorite part of the website. There are a bunch of interactive books where you can both play with the illustrations as well as follow along as the words are highlighted. Wouldn’t that have been an amazing way to read for those of us who started reading many years ago?