April 2012

New Super Mario Bros. 2 Coming to 3DS in August

Another jumper hits the portable

With all this new technology floating around in the gaming world--three dimensions and face recognition and all that whatnot--it's sort of nice to take a step back and just play a good old-fashioned platformer every once in a while. Luckily, Nintendo seems to realize this. They may have pioneered the art of madly swinging a brick back and forth in front of your television, but their core talents have always laid in their ability to build games about making a plumber jump really, truly fun. So prepare to rejoice, fans of the classic side-scrollers, because Mario's coming back in the second dimension once again.

Nintendo's New Super Mario Bros. 2 (creatively titled like only Nintendo knows how) will be coming to the 3DS this August. Even though the handheld console it'll call home is 3D-capable, NSMB2 will strictly reside in two dimensions like the platformers of yesteryear. Players ought to be pleased to learn that both the Power Leaf and Raccoon Mario will be returning to the new title. And Nintendo confirmed through their Facebook page that Luigi will also be making an appearance alongside his brother. 

Don't expect too many surprises from the gameplay, though. Nintendo have a formula that works and they're not likely to stray from it. From the screencaps released into the internet so far, it does look like NSMB2 will have a pleasant ambiance, with rich, full-color backgrounds and softly cartoonish characters and objects. These aren't your grandfather's pixels, but they're also not so aggressively contemporary as to distract from the sweet nostalgia inherent in playing a Mario platformer. The visuals strike a perfect harmony between the classic and the fresh.


Wait… who's going to want that burger, after the chef stepped all over it?


I was recently reminded of BurgerTime by last week's episode of "Bob's Burgers," in which Bob becomes obsessed with a BurgerTime-like arcade game. And just like me, Bob isn't very good at it. In fact, his rival Jimmy Pesto not only gets the high score on Bob's arcade game, he also enters the name "BOB SUX."
This classic arcade game was first released in 1982 to wide acclaim and popularity. Any arcade worth its snuff had a BurgerTime machine. In this trippy game, you play a chef who has to assemble a cheeseburger while being pursued by food ingredients. If the food ingredients touch you, you die. And all the while, the relentlessly up-beat 8-bit soundtrack bores into your psyche.