December 2011

Sims: Second Version of The Arcade Game

One of the most popular games of this century is “The Sims”. It is a great game that was created during the time when action games were more popular, but it was well received. However, it grew quickly in popularity for gamers wanting a different type of “action”.


The Sims or simulation game was created to give the gamer fun in controlling the life of simulated people. The “Sim” lives within a virtual world, and has all of the same needs and wants as anyone living on planet Earth. It is up to the gamer to help the “Sim” achieve everything from its basic needs for food and going to the bathroom, to more complex needs such as their career aspirations.


In the same way we each have a personality, Sims are also created with different personalities, and you are guaranteed to encounter a Sim personality you dislike in this virtual world, as you would within the real world.

Television Programs as Arcade Games: Dr Who

Everyone is familiar with the popular television show, "Dr Who".  As one of the most  popular television series that was created into an arcade game, it would be this television show. The official licensed game was called “Dr. Who: The First Adventure”. It is based on the episode of Dr. Who in which the doctor is played by Peter Davidson. Dr. Who was a popular British science fiction television show that was imported to television stations around the world.

In the television show, Dr. Who is able to travel through time. He also has the ability to move through space. Dr. Who is not fully human and not fully alien. These characteristics give him the ability to go through time travel. In the arcade game, the Doctor does travel using the TARDIS as in the television show. It is quite an elaborate game as the gamer must find a key to unlock levels of the game.

Television Programs As Arcade Games: Bill Cosby From The The Cosby Show

One popular television program that featured Bill Cosby is The Cosby Show. This show revolutionized television because it showed an upper middle class black family. Bill Cosby played the father and the mother was played by Phylicia Rashad. It aired on NBC for eight seasons and won Emmy, Golden Globe and NAACP awards during its run on prime time. The Cosby’s had 5 children and each episode portrayed the daily life of being full-time parents and full-time professionals. Even though only re-runs are shown, it is still the third-longest running sitcom in the United States.

Television Programs As Arcade Games: Murder She Wrote

One of the most popular television series is now an arcade game. Airing on CBS and running for 12 seasons, the television show “Murder She Wrote” was quite popular. The show was based on a detective story and mystery writer called Jessica Fletcher, played by actress Angela Lansbury. It had over 200 episodes created from its start in 1984. After it ended in 1996, another 4 television movies were made. After retiring from English, Jessica Fletcher travels and writes about the numerous mysteries she’s solved.

Television Programs As Arcade Games: ALF

One television show that many people would remember watching, but not remember that an arcade game was created for it is ALF. This television show aired during the mid-1980’s for a short four year season. The plot of the show involved an alien from the planet Melmac who had become stranded on Earth when his spacecraft crashes. He is discovered by the Tanner family and is taken in to live with them. Through the series the alien ALF is played by a puppet.
The arcade version of this television show is a little like Pac-Man. ALF is in a maze and he must avoid the neighbors to avoid being killed. There are also other areas within the maze and these can result in death also. As ALF moves around the maze he eats or collects pizza pies. The maze that ALF has to navigate through will contain other great things such as parts to his spacecraft.

The SIMS Arcade Game

With the advent of the EA games the SIMS, there was also an arcade version of this game created. The SIMS is a virtual reality game in which single players buy a plot of land that either has a house or the player can build a house. A virtual family can be placed in the house.


It will then be the player’s job to take care of their simulated family. This might seem easy, but each SIM will have personality traits just like a regular human being. Therefore, your SIMS will get hungry, tired, bored and lazy. Just like the people in our real lives.