May 2011

Sizing Up Pinball Machines

How cool would it be to have a classic pinball machine in your house? I would absolutely love one in my basement—well, not my basement as is, with its flood damage and mold, but my basement-to-be, for sure. The Addams Family pinball machine would rock my world, but I’m not picky; I love to play pinball and it would definitely be a highlight of my household.

The thing is, I don’t know what a fair price would be. I’ve seen ads run for pinball machines as low as $500 for one, as well as ads as high as thousands of dollars. But what is the actual value of a pinball machine, say, in decent to so-so condition? I don’t really care if the figures inside are new or if it’s shiny (I can fix some of that myself, anyway); I just want to know what a good, fair price for one would be if I’m ever going to get one.