January 2009

Childhood Revived: Early 90's Cabinets

Recently, I got a chance to enjoy a few of my favorite arcade games from my pre-teen years in the early 90's. While the retro cabs of the 70's and 80's get the lion's share of the gaming nostalgia around these parts, 1990-93 was a miniature Golden Age for the arcade. The Merch Campaign Beat-Em-Up Probably the most prevalent early 90's arcade genre is the Beat-Em-Up, a semi-3D side scroller in the tradition of Streets of Rage. By 1991 a tend in the genre set in and made some of the best, most-played games in the arcade. Superhero games were the standard here. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles set the format back in 1989 with four-player cooperative combat featuring the cartoon's famous fighting reptiles. Captain America and the Avengers brought the first comic book tie-in, augmenting the genre with special projectile moves and flying shooter levels to break up the punch-and-kick stages. For many gamers, myself included,