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Super Mario Bros Converse One Stars

New retro-chic sneakers adorned with jumping Mario
Are you the type who likes to wear their old-school nerd pride on their heel? So far there have been plenty of custom modded Chuck Taylors featuring art from all sorts of video games, but if you want to put your feet in the real deal, the sneaker giants are about to release the third installment in their official Mario Bros line of shoes. This time it's the Converse One Star low tops that are getting the Nintendo treatment. 
The premium leather shoes have swapped out their classic Converse star logo for the classic Mario star icon. Mario himself can be seen prancing around the back of the sneaker, which comes in either white or black. The insides of the shoes have been colored to match the 8-bit heroes famous overalls.
While I'm all about the intersection of fashion and geek culture, it seems to me that the One Star is a little too retro cool to be given the nerd stamp. I'm more a fan of the previously released canvas All Star Chuck Taylor Hi-Tops, which featured an entire scene from Super Mario Bros along their sides. That classic shoe shape screams mid-80s basement-dwelling gamer a little louder than the shiny leather basketball shoe that's now been adorned with Mario imagery. But hey, maybe nerd culture has been elevated to the point where even the snazziest of footwear can be printed with its iconography and no one really takes a second glance. 
Both colors of the Converse Japan One Star Super Mario Bros OX will be available for purchase next month.